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Welcome to our Shop-Organics world of sanitising, cleansing and caring without petrochemicals, synthetics, artificial fragrances, colourings or harsh ingredients.


Our products cleanse, care, nurture and rejuvenate entirely through 100% pure plant essences, creating an ultra-mild, safe and pure brand of personal care for your family.


To us, anything else simply can’t be called “care.”



Peter Francis, World Master Hairdresser & Trichologist

Peter Francis: Trichologist - World Master Hairdresser - Cosmetic Formulator - Parent - Eco-evangelist - Organic Pioneer

As a Hairdresser and Trichologist with more than 30 years of In-Salon experience dealing with his clients hair care and skin care concerns at a professional level, Peter began to realise that the cosmetic world was full of ingredients that no one ever really questioned with regard to their safety.

His concern about the lack of transparency and understanding of the health effects of cosmetic ingredients, ultimately lead to his now more than 20 Years experience in formulating and manufacturing Salon Professional Quality certified organic Hair Care, Skin Care and Personal Care.

"My clients, my colleagues, and I, just assumed these professional products we were using in the Salon and my clients were purchasing for their take-home personal care, were safe to use every day, simply because these products had a trusted and established brand name on the bottle.

Over time, we have all come to know publically that this is not necessarily true, given many health care warnings now associated to ingredients once we considered safe."


Peter's belief that there needed to be a better way to create healthier, safer personal care products was galvanized in his studies as a Trichologist in the early 1990s.

When studying the Sebum Oil Production of human skin, he realised that the skin of the scalp, face and body was not all the same when it came to chemical absorption vulnerability from cosmetic formulations, for two very good reasons;

#1: The Number of Follicles (Pores) on the various areas of the skin.

#2: The Sebum Oil Production of each of these follicles, which varies over a human being's lifetime base on the body's hormones, gender and age.

This learning and insight into the true nature of the skin's permeability and the various changes in both sebum production and lifestyle choices (i.e. Pregnancy) over an individual's lifetime, from his formulating beginning, has formed the foundation-logic for all of his product creations. 

"At no time is this information more critical than when dealing with crafting healthy personal care formulations for Babies, Children, and for young Women focused on Reproductive Health (Fertility), Trying to Conceive (TTC), undertaking IVF Treatment, during Pregnancy and when they become Breastfeeding Mums."


This is the reason Shop-Organics was created - to lovingly craft the healthiest choice Personal Care for you and your young family. 

Sebum Graph Comparison by Age